Huizer Kaas Guild edam foil cheese 40+ CHEESE – approx. 3 kg of bread
An Edam 40+ foil-ripened cheese without crust in 3 kg bread form. This cheese is cut from a 15 kg Edam foil block and then packaged in red foil. The foil rolls are extremely suitable for food service and further processing, because the cheese has no crust and can therefore be cut or grated immediately as soon as it is unpacked. Compared to the 15 kg blocks, the 3 kg rolls are easier to handle due to the smaller size. Useful for sandwiches, sandwiches, burgers or grated pizza.

Cheese properties

Pasteurized cow’s milk, salt, rennet, starter
Ca. 4 weeks, film-matured
the Netherlands
Mild, neutral cheese flavor
Smooth and soft
Ivory colored to yellow
A few (approximately) round holes are present, slide. 1- 10 mm
Rectangular block
Ca. 3kg
Without crust

Packaging properties

Huizer Kaas Gilde of Private Label
In box (with lid), 5 pieces per box
Folieverpakking, rood
3 months guaranteed; max. 12 months on label
Cooled between + 4 ° C and + 7 ° C
NL Z0491 EG
Visser Kaashandel B.V.

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