Frau Antje Pikantje Gouda cheese min. 48% f.i.d.m. - approx. 12kg wheel

Frau Antje Pikantje is a delicious spicy Dutch Gouda cheese that has been matured for at least 16 weeks and made according to old tradition in the Netherlands. With a typical Dutch label and icon Frau Antje, this cheese is a must have abroad, especially in Germany. It is guaranteed 16 weeks matured, and guaranteed tasty.

Cheese properties

Pasteurised cows milk, salt, rennet, starter, sodium nitrate (E251), colouring (E160a)
Approx. 16 weeks
The Netherlands
Spicy but still creamy
Smooth and Semi Soft
Ivory to Yellow
Few, more or less round holes, dia. 1- 10 mm
Round wheel shape
Approx.. 12kg
Closed, Clean and Dry

Packaging properties

Pikantje van Antje
(Closed) Carton box, 1 piece per carton
Paraffine/wax coating
3 months guaranteed; max. 12 months on label
Keep refrigerated between +4°C and +7°C
NL Z0491 E.G.
Visser Kaashandel B.V.

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