Huizer Kaas-Gilde Gouda cheese Mild min. 48% f.i.d.m. - approx. 12kg wheel

This Mild type of Gouda cheese is a classic; made with the original recipe, the original 12kg round shape and a traditional maturation process creates the famous soft and creamy flavour. Matured for approximate 4 weeks, this Gouda is a mild and utmost creamy cheese, which definitely will be loved by everyone.

Cheese properties

Pasteurised Milk, Salt, Starter, Rennet, Preservative: Sodium Nitrate, Colouring: Carotene
Ca. 4 weeks
The Netherlands
Pure, Soft and Creamy
Smooth and Soft
Ivory to Yellow
Few, more or less round holes, dia. 1- 10 mm
Round wheel shape
Approx.. 12kg
Closed, Clean and Dry

Packaging properties

Huizer Kaas Gilde or Private Label
(Closed) Carton box, 1 piece per carton
Paraffin/wax coated
3 months guaranteed; max. 12 months on label
Keep refrigerated between +4°C and +7°C
NL Z0491 E.G.
Visser Kaashandel B.V.

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