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Huizer Kaas –Gilde

Premium quality from Holland

Huizer Kaas-Gilde is our premium brand for traditionally aged cheese with guaranteed quality from Holland. Loved in more than 60 countries worldwide. Huizer Kaas-Gilde is available for the best selection of Dutch cheese, ranging from Edam and Gouda of different ages, to Specialty cheese. Our Huizer Kaas-Gilde Mild is a soft deliciously creamy cheese, and is a favourite of many. The Huizer Kaas-Gilde Maasdam is one of the top sellers as well; a slightly sweet and nutty Dutch cheese with large signature cheese holes (eyes) and typical shape. Our Huizer Kaas-Gilde Specialty cheese includes amongst other our creamy Gouda with cuminseeds, the remarkable combination of Gouda cheese with Blue Lavender or our Goat cheese with real Italian herbs; a very tasty mixture. In 2016 we developed our anniversary editions; Huizer Kaas-Gilde Premium Black Label and Premium Purple Label. Our grandfather is proudly pictured on it as a dedication to our previous generations. Both naturally aged cheese, for at least 12 months on traditional wooden shelfs. Resulting in a deliciously rich and piquant taste. Black Label is made with original recipe and slow ripening, as befits a true aged cheese from Holland. Purple Label is based on a more innovative recipe and ripening, resulting in a sweeter taste. Both are loved. Feel free to try. Find more information about our Huizer Kaas-Gilde cheese under “Products” or you can download the brochure under “Contact”.

Dutch market

Specifically for the Dutch market, there has been set-up a sales organization consisting of various market traders and retailers: “Het Huizer Kaas-Gilde”. Gilde means gild/cooperation in Dutch language. The Huizer Kaas-Gilde uses cheese from the highest quality segment. You can find the affiliated companies at around 10 locations in Holland. Here you can ask for a fresh piece of delicious creamy ‘Jonge Huizer’, or a more strong‘Extra Belegen Huizer’. Please contact us if you are looking for a point of sale or are interested in participating with the Huizer Kaas-Gilde in Holland.

Frau Antje Pikantje & Mai Gouda

Guaranteed tasty

We are happy to be one of two distributors of the well-known brands Frau Antje Pikantje and Mai Gouda. Frau Antje Pikantje is a delicious piquant Dutch Gouda cheese that has been aged for at least 16 weeks and made according to old tradition in Holland. With a typical Dutch label and icon Frau Antje presented on it, this cheese is a must have abroad, especially in Germany. Each Spring, the Mai Gouda edition is presented; a super smooth grass cheese made from the fresh milk of cows enjoying the young grass after the long winter. This makes the meadow milk and cheese even creamier than usual. Please contact us if you are looking for Frau Antje or Mai Gouda cheese.

Frau Antje

Frau Antje is the advertising symbol for Original Dutch cheese and most famous in Germany. She was invented in the 1950s. Frau Antje is the figurehead of a number of collective brands for Dutch cheese types and butter: Frau Antje Pikantje, Frau Antje Beste Butter and Mai Gouda. In her modern but traditional dress she knows how to steal many cheese hearts. And we love her too. You will find more information about Frau Antje here (German-language website).

Private Label

Your own brand, tailor-made

We think it is important to analyse which brand is most suitable in a potential sales market. In terms of type of cheese, but also in terms of brand expression. That is why we offer Private Label in addition to our own brands. Private Label can provide a significant advantage with regard to promotion and sales. We are happy to discuss the labelling options. Everything tailor-made based on your wishes. For more information about our Private Label options, please contact our sales department.


Private Label is specifically designed for a specific customer; this way we can offer a brand exclusively in the market. This is an attractive feature, because long term marketing strategies can be developed and permanent relationships established with consumers.