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Edam ball 40% - 6x 1,9kg

DUTCH EDAM BALL 6x approx. 1,9kg


The Edam Balls in red wax are not to be missed in the cheese world. This cheese, which was originally traded from the city of Edam, is a spherical, Dutch type of cheese. This cheese is made from Dutch cow’s milk and is colored red, which makes the cheese extra special and attractive!

Cheese properties

Pasteurized cow’s milk,, salt, rennet, starter, color additive: (E 160 a) Beta-carotene
Approx. 4-6 weeks
Neutral, Pure
Smooth and semi soft
Red Colored
Few, more or less round holes, dia. 1- 10 mm
Round, spherical
Approx. 1,9kg
Closed, Clean and Dry

Packaging properties

Huizer Kaas Gilde or Private Label
Closed Carton box, 6 pieces per carton
Paraffine/wax coating
3 months guaranteed; max. 12 months on label
Keep refrigerated between +4°C and +7°C
NL Z0491 E.G.
Visser Kaashandel B.V.

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