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Goudse Foliekaas 15kg

Gouda foil cheese min. 48% f.i.d.m. – approx. 15kg block
Unlike the naturally ripened (round) cheeses, this is a foil-ripened cheese without rind in block form. The cheese is packed in transparent foil at a young age. The blocks are extremely suitable for food service and further processing, because the cheese has no rind and can therefore be cut or grated immediately as soon as it is unpacked. The foil blocks come ready-made from Frico or DOC factories. Useful for sandwiches, sandwiches, burgers or grated pizza.

Cheese properties

Pasteurized cow’s milk, salt, rennet, starter
Ca. 4 weeks, film-matured
the Netherlands
Mild, neutrale kaassmaak
Glad en zacht
Ivoor kleurig tot geel
Enkele (ongeveer) ronde gaten aanwezig, dia. 1- 10 mm
Rechthoekig blok
Ca.. 15kg
Zonder korst

Packaging properties

Frico of DOC Antje
Met of zonder doos (met deksel), 1 stuk per doos
3 maanden gegarandeerd; max. 12 maanden op etiket
Gekoeld tussen +4°C en +7°C
Afhankelijk van producent
Frico of DOC

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