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Huizer Kaas-Gilde Maasdam cheese min. 45% f.i.d.m. - approx. 13kg wheel

Maasdam cheese is a relatively new Dutch cheese, however gained already a lot of popularity in the world-wide cheese market. With its soft nutty and slightly sweet flavour, this cheese is especially appreciated in Eastern Europe, North Africa and other further export destinations. This cheese has distinct and larger eye-forming than Gouda due to the gas forming inside, similar to an Emmental cheese. Maasdam cheese is traditionally ripened for 6 weeks. Delicious on a sandwich or perfectly suitable for a cheese fondue.

Cheese properties

Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Salt, Starter, Rennet
Approx. 6 weeks
The Netherlands
Pure, slightly sweet & nutty
Smooth and Soft
Ivory to Yellow
More or less round holes, dia. 1- 10 mm
Round wheel shape
Approx.. 13kg
Closed, Clean and Dry

Packaging properties

Huizer Kaas Gilde or Private Label
(Closed) Carton box, 1 piece per carton
Nowax coated
3 months guaranteed; max. 12 months on label
Keep refrigerated between +4°C and +7°C
NL Z0491 E.G.
Visser Kaashandel B.V.

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